A life of photography.

Olivier Marill

l traveled the world as a professional photographer for 20 years, basing myself between Paris and Los Angeles. When we came to Margaret River we fell instantly in love. Today we live in this beautiful location with my wife and children. I specialize in photographing weddings. my stunning panoramas capture the unique beauty of the landscape and life’s most memorable moments. My wide experience makes me extremely versatile and I am also available for commercial, architectural and product photography. Utilising the latest digital equipment I provide a range of specialized services, including retouching, colorization, sepia-tone and black & white renderings. I bring a rare level of excellence to all my work.

The perfect photograph not only tells a special story of time, place and occasion, but conveys forever the very soul of its subject matter.

I try to bring this rare and distinctive talent to photography. Based in the charming Margaret River wine region of Western Australia, drawing on decades of international experience it is my aim to produce truly remarkable photography.

I specialise in a variety of subject matter, however having gained a reputation for my wedding, architectural and interior design work. My passion is for that ideal ephemeral moment, attention to detail and practised eye pick up on the nuanced plays of natural light, hue, mood and subject. The result: atmospheric and unique photography of great beauty.

Candid, unobtrusive yet highly focused, I try to achieve a rare loveliness on special occasions such as your wedding day. My easy going yet professional style produces simple, striking pictures that convey the import of the occasion, the emotion, glamour and fashion that is the hallmark of memorable wedding imagery.

I try with my architectural and interior design images to accurately capture the distinctive and often unique characteristics of structures, internal space and decor. Years of experience in such photography have made taught me to master light and atmospherics, and therefore create images that portray the very best of a building, not to mention the talent and style of its designers and owners!

My documentary style and ability to convey an idea through the lens that has always been at the heart of my work and will help you never forget the occasion as well as show off your creations in dazzling style.

I also provide stock photographs, advanced digital photo manipulation and other photographic services. Over 15 years working in Photoshop have given me some of the finest skills in the business.

If you are seeking outstanding photographer for your special occasion, wedding, project or to effectively depict your artistic creation or idea, be sure to contact Olivier Marill. Great images live forever, and yours will too.