With a career encompassing three decades, Olivier is an accomplished freelance photographer and videographer. He has worked in cinema, television, filmed live stage performances and has extensive documentary experience.

Growing up in the ancient city of Bordeaux, Olivier has always had an eye for the simplistic beauty of a scene and the story-telling that goes on behind it. As a young man he honed his skills in the vibrant city of Los Angeles where he studied. Now based in Margaret River with his young family, Olivier lives in a photographer’s paradise – surrounded by the dramatic, spectacular natural beauty of the South West coast, the towering jarrah and karri forests, and the manicured beauty of vineyards.

Olivier’s years as freelance photographer have taught him the art of perspective. He approaches his work through the eyes of a photojournalist, perfectly framing the scene using both close-ups and panoramic aspects, whilst allowing the tale to unfold in an animated, editorial style.

Olivier’s versatility coupled with the effortless ease with which he can fade into the background ensures candid, natural shots reflecting the mood of the moment.

New Technology

Image Weddings have embraced the latest state-of-the-art technology available to ensure the highest quality photographs and video of your wedding.

Now using 4K, a new resolution standard designed for digital cinema and computer graphics, Olivier can grab the best frames from your wedding video to use as still image media. All the images on the video reel are now available for your photograph album.